Ideas For Spring

Spring is one of my favourite times of the year.

There are many thing to celebrate in spring such as: Easter, Mothering Sunday, May Day and the flowers in bloom.

Ideas For Summer

Summer is the best! Hot weather, long days. Why not celebrate?

There are many things to celebrate such as: Fathers Day, Pool Party, Holidays and the chance of a cocktail by the pool or the beach.

Ideas For Autumn

Autumn is when all the best fruits are ripe for the picking!

Autumn has many things to celebrate such as: Halloween, Fireworks , Bonfires and fruits and berries coming into season.

Ideas For Winter

Winter could be a gloomy part of the year if weren't for these ideas!

Winter has many things to celebrate such as: Christmas, New Year, Advent, Saint Valentine’s day and my Birthday!

I have recently become obsesed with the idea of making clothes and bags and I was already crazy on cooking.

I knew I would never be able to keep my own instuctions on how I made my favorite recipes and dresses over and over... until I thought of making my own website!

I realise I am busy and I hope you do. I am 14, about to move up to my next school to do my GCSEs . I love being competative in sports although I hate athletics and I am very quiet most of the other time. I get good grades in most subjects and I also believe you have to enjoy a subject in order to learn it properly. I learnt how to create a website on a serif program at school but then my dad taught me how to use dream weaver and this looks way better.

I hope this website can make other people realise that they can make time to do creative things if they just turned the TV off and logged out of facebook for an hour or two. hopefully I will be able to make some things that wont be expensive either, as the country's population does seem to be on a very tight budget.