Ideas For Spring

Spring is one of my favourite times of the year.

There are many thing to celebrate in spring such as: Easter, Mothering Sunday, May Day and the flowers in bloom.

Ideas For Summer

Summer is the best! Hot weather, long days. Why not celebrate?

There are many things to celebrate such as: Fathers Day, Pool Party, Holidays and the chance of a cocktail by the pool or the beach.

Ideas For Autumn

Autumn is when all the best fruits are ripe for the picking!

Autumn has many things to celebrate such as: Halloween, Fireworks , Bonfires and fruits and berries coming into season.

Ideas For Winter

Winter could be a gloomy part of the year if weren't for these ideas!

Winter has many things to celebrate such as: Christmas, New Year, Advent, Saint Valentine’s day and my Birthday!

Crabbing is an awesome way to pass the evenings at the sea side. A Massive Warning to everyone is that crabs are very delicate and it is not unusual to catch one with only one claw or a few legs missing. If you cant get it off just leave it dangling over the water and it will let go eventually.

We sat at a canal extremely near the sea as salt water is a must if you are to catch any crabs. It is also great crabbing off a pier straight into the sea. It is best to crab at dusk but it is not essential.
Top Tip - if you are planning to crab at dusk be sure to find somewhere that has a light so that you may continue into the night if you wish.

Raw Meat - any type is good. I would recomend bacon.
Crabbing Line - I bought mine for a £1 from a shop near the beach. You can get ones with hooks or bags, I would advise to get the ones with bags because then the crabs wont get much of the bait.
Bucket - if you want to keep your catches for the duration f this activity you will need a bucket of water, if you are crabbing in the day it would be best to have this bucket in the shade.

The Set Up:
Thanks to my day dreaming habit I didnt want to hold onto the line constatnly so I tied it to one of the rings right next to the water and every once in a while I pulled the line up and found a crab.

Picking up & Holding:
To pick up the crab you have to gently press down on its back with your thumb. Then you should scoot your first finger just under its bum and lift gently.
Once you are holding the crab it will do everything to get you off. They will stratch your fingers with their little legs but it's only a little pinch. A top tip to take note of is that if you flip them over while you're holding them they will normally calm down.